A blog hosted by Jane, a truthful, slightly sarcastic, funny single mum of 3 teenagers. She likes to think she’s elegant & edgy, rocking the single-parenting World but has so many WTF moments, she’s often in converses or running gear…that she doesn’t get round to running in often enough!

Her son is diagnosed autistic & issues surrounding this dominate day to day living. 

Divorced & managed as a single mum for almost 6 years.She lives in a Birmingham suburb, not through choice,(she lived on the North Coast of Cornwall for over 4 years but single-parenting forced a heartbreaking move) juggling work as a lunchtime supervisor ( although is a qualified teaching assistant), volunteering & supporting parents/carers of children with asd/adhd, own handmade jewellery business, 2 dogs & life in general! Her coffee cup is always full along with her resounding determination to get through anything.

She has an abundance of life experiences & whilst wanting a very simple life, it has been full of ridiculous, amazing & traumatsing stories…it’s time to share, support & empower. So grab a coffee & 10 minutes & let’s get to know each other.