It’s Snow Fun!

This week, the U.K has been hit by unusually cold temperatures & snowfall for this time of year, icy winds & blizzards causing mayhem. It’s been dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’ & if that’s not enough, Storm Emma came along!

Schools around the Country were closed, cars & people stranded everywhere yet actually, the Midlands didn’t seem too affected, until a couple of days ago.

As you can imagine, the kids were delighted when the message came through that schools were closed, Miles hadn’t been in all week anyway due to his erratic sleep pattern & it was sod’s law that Friday morning he was ready & willing to go! Bloody typical. So it’s my mission to somehow get his body clock back round to something more ‘normal’, ready for Monday-assuming schools are open again.

The snow is thick & deep, I manage to encourage him out to the park, just the two of us (this gives the girls some quiet time, shame, as it would be nice to all venture out, but Miles can be full on & any break is grabbed with delight for some bit of sanity!)

We live near Sutton Park. a beautiful place to escape the nearby crowds, thank goodness, It is my saviour as I miss the beaches & beauty of Cornwall. Sutton Park is the biggest Urban Park in Europe & used to be owned by King Henry VIII.

So Miles & I go exploring for somewhere good to sledge & have snowball fights along the way. He’s in the moment & loving it. Then we hear voices coming nearer & that’s enough for him to want to leave & go home. He’s actually quite socially interactive when he knows people but he does have moments where he’s a little agoraphobic or just wants his own space.

He starts getting irritable & stressed. His clothes start to itch & the cold & wet jogging bottoms hurt his skin. As we walk back, the sound of the snow crunching underfoot gets louder & louder, echoing in what is actually a quiet part of the woods. He’s verbally aggressive & doesn’t want to talk. Sensory overload has kicked in.

We get home & have about half an hour of screaming, resulting in some smashed CD’s. It’s exhausting. He’s exhausted, I’m exhausted.

Was it worth it? Well I think so. We created some memories. Made some moments & had some quality time. And after everything had calmed down, we baked a cake.


  1. Courtney

    March 7, 2018 at 17:16

    What a strong mama you are! Even if it didn’t end the best, I’m so glad you were able to have some time making fun memories!

    1. admin

      March 8, 2018 at 11:23

      Thank you Courtney & yes there were fun moments which are important to create otherwise you get lost in a sea of negativity. We must ‘Treasure the little times’ 😉
      Really appreciate your time reading & commenting x

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